Urgent Assistance Requested

We are asking everyone for their prayers and good wishes at this time.

Two recent health emergencies have arisen at Aya Madre:

  • We have just learned that Elena, Maestra Estela's mother, will need heart surgery in the very near future.

  • A valued member of our work crew had a serious road accident and is also in need of immediate surgery.

Any support you may be able to offer would be very much appreciated.​

Donate to the local village

There are many local villagers that are in need of your support. Every little helps!


Meet 18 year old André Neil Vasquez, a University student. Born in Jorge Chavez outside Iquitos. Family hardships have left André unable to afford tuition, school supplies, books and other essentials. He is starting his first year of school at a university in Iquitos, studying Social Studies. Donate to support his schooling.

A grandmother, Celina, who works in agriculture, is taking care of her grandchildren Juan Daniel and Carlita. The childrens' parents have both passed away. Donations would go to school and living expenses. It could be a one time or monthly donation.