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Meet Estela's nephew Maestro Guillermo. Guillermo has been with us since September of 2019. He has been assisting Maestra Estela in ceremony and holding ceremonies when Maestra has not been able to be there.

Maestro Guillermo Lopez Rodriguez and his family are from the Shipibo community of
San Francisca located outside of Pucallpa. He was born in 1984 and was first exposed to
learning about the art of Shipibo plant medicine at the age of 12. At 18, he began to work with
Ayahuasca and started his training as a shaman. Maestro Guillermo learned from his abuelo, receiving the power of the medicine. He also trained under Maestro Manuel Vasquez, a Shipibo elder and doctor of plant medicine in his community. Maestro Guillermo now has over 19 years of experience working in Shipibo healing centers. He has completed many different 6 month dietas with plant medicines such as Chiric Sanango, Toe, Pio, Malva, and Hierba Luisa. His
decades of training and experience have given him the energy and strength to work with all those who come looking for physical, mental, and spiritual healing. He holds much gratitude
towards Mother Nature for giving us medicinal plants and giving him the capacity and the gift of
healing. Maestro Guillermo is recognized in his community as a Master of Protection.

Recently, his brother Daniel has been also assisting in ceremonies with Estella and Guillermo.

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