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Arrival & Pick-Up

Travel Preparations & Health


Please visit a travel doctor for best advice about inoculations or vaccinations. Please bring any medication or naturopathic remedies you will need during your stay. Medicine, doctors and hospitals are plentiful in Iquitos, but getting there is around a 2-hour journey and only done in case of emergencies during short retreats.


Traveling to Iquitos/Aya Madre

Guests are responsible for booking their own travel to Iquitos, and must arrange their itinerary to have their retreat begin on a Saturday or Sunday. Twice weekly complementary transportation to the center is provided between 10:00am-2:00pm on these two days. An Aya Madre staff member will meet you at either the Iquitos airport or a nearby hostel with our staff mototaxi driver and bring you to the center.


Please note, due to our location in the jungle we must bring all guests to Aya Madre with our personal staff driver. If arriving to Iquitos during the week, guests must wait until Saturday or Sunday for pickup. 

Also please note, your retreat payment includes the cost of transportation to the center, but we kindly ask guests to pay for the return trip to the airport ($15 / 50 soles). We will happily arrange this transportation for you.

To get to Iquitos, you will need to fly in from Lima (there are no roads leading to Iquitos). Booking both tickets (to Lima and Iquitos) together is safer in case of delays or weather problems. However, booking the tickets separately may be cheaper. There are a handful of carriers that fly from Lima to Iquitos, and the price can be as low as $75-$150. Flights can easily be checked and compared on popular travel sites like Travelocity, Priceline, Kayak, Expedia, etc.


**Note: it is crucial that you send your travel information to at least a week before you arrive. Our internet availability is scarce and often we cannot check our email for a few days. The same goes for our phone signal, so send your information early so you don't get stuck at the airport!!

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