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Aya Madre

In 2018, Maestra Estela Pangoza officially founded her 25 year healing practice as “Aya Madre" and began turning her vision for a healing space deep in the heart of the Amazon jungle into reality.


Maestra Estela has seen for herself the current trend of Ayahuasca tourism, often with its disregard for native and indigenous communities. She wasn't satisfied with this model, so she decided to create something better.


At Aya Madre, Maestra Estela provides a holistic, uncompromising approach to the traditional form of Shipibo plant medicine she began learning over 25 years ago, a tradition that sees Ayahuasca as but one of many master plants. Her vast knowledge of plants and plant treatments provides guests powerful diagnoses, purgatives, and ultimately helps to connect us more deeply with the healing power within ourselves and all around us. This form of Shipibo plant medicine has been practiced for thousands of years, and at Aya Madre, guests are immersed in the full system of healing under Maestra Estela's care and guidance.

Aya Madre is proud to be the only Ayahuasca-based center in Iquitos fully owned and operated by a female, indigenous shaman. This is no small task in a world of shamanism dominated by men. Maestra Estela invests profits back into the Shipibo community while providing a safe, nurturing, empowering environment where you can experience the deep healing of the jungle, Ayahuasca, and the Shipibo plant traditions.

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