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What to Bring

The climate at Aya Madre is generally warm and humid, with year-round rain and generous sun on most days. The night can be a bit chilly, so bring a sweater. A rain jacket or pancho is also essential. Generally speaking, lightweight cotton and light nylon or polyester all work well. Long-sleeve shirts and long pants are a good idea for avoiding the mosquitoes and for ceremonies. Guests are encouraged to get a preview of the region´s yearly weather here and plan accordingly. Below is a list of recommended items to pack, as well as items we would be grateful for in donations, and ideas for small gifts for the family.


  • 300 soles for the ride to and from the center

  • Flashlight or headlamp and extra batteries or charger

  • Towel for bathing and showers

  • Clothes mostly for hot weather but during the winter it may occasionally be cold. 


  • Sandals/flip-flops

  • Light rain jacket

  • T-shirts and long-sleeve shirt

  • Shorts and pants

  • Sweater or sweatshirt

  • A few pairs of socks

  • Boots (optional, if you are not comfortable walking through knee-high muddy water barefoot). Rainboots can be purchased in the Belen market in Iquitos for $5-6.

  • A good pair of shoes

  • Mosquito repellant

  • Sunscreen

  • Soap & Shampoo (natural is best if possible)

  • Camera/phone, with extra batteries or external/solar charger

  • Lightweight travel blanket

  • Water bottle (treated water is provided by the center)

  • Travel first aid kit

  • Notebook and/or art supplies for personal processing

  • Hat and sunglasses

  • Ceremonial or sacred objects you want to have for ceremonies or in your tambo

  • Plastic bags or zip-lock bags (to protect electronics and other items from humidity). You may also want to bring dryer sheets or silica gel packs.

  • Travel umbrellas

  • Musical Instruments

  • Extra spending money, at your discretion. There may be an option to purchase Shipibo craft items from visiting shaman or family, so be prepared with extra money if this interests you.




It is a lovely gesture to bring gifts for Maestra Estela and her family and any of the following would be good: art supplies for the children, and for the adults, headlamp style flashlights with rechargeable AA or AAA batteries, sacred plant medicines from your country, essential oils and natural perfumes, quality locking tupperware containers, ceremonial items such as mapacho, agua de florida, palo santo (ceremonial items can be purchased locally from Belén Market and various locations in Iquitos), etc.




If you would like to donate additional items to the center, we would be very grateful for any of the following objects:

  • Money!

  • Quality locking tupperware containers of 3 liters size or greater (for storing herbs and medicines)

  • Good quality lighters

  • Dry Bags for electronics

  • Ziplock Bags

  • USB Car Chargers

  • Travel bedsheets, pillows and pillow cases you may have brought for your journey 

  • Solar Powered flashlights and phone chargers

  • Books (Learning Spanish language, or on topics of healing science, Ayahuasca, medicinal plants, etc).

  • Yoga mat(s)

  • Headlamps with red light setting

  • Mosquito repellent (natural products preferred)

  • Ecological soap and shampoo/conditioner

  • Ecological Laundry Detergent

  • Sources of light such as solar lights or battery powered Christmas lights (white)

  • Hammocks (can be bought in Iquitos' Belén market)

  • If you're feeling particularly generous, the center could really use a pick-up truck or a 4x4 off-road vehicle! 

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