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I feel that I got a new relationship with myself and with the world, I learned to listen to myself, to put boarders, and specifically to accept whatever comes up in my body.

Ido Shabi


Estela's ceremonies are beautiful and intimate. They are very much about healing through song (icaros), safety, and openness. Estela is a very approachable healer and teacher. I appreciated the safe, relaxing setting, especially as a young woman traveling solo... Aya Madre showed me that new ways of seeing and living are possible. This is medicine that's strong enough, I feel, to remove old knots and set new forces in motion towards health for years, if not a lifetime.

Marie K

United States

My experience at Aya Madre seems to have been among the most important and healing of my entire life!

Brian Reilly

United States

As a solo female traveler who’s been on the road for some time, I feel so so grateful for this space filled with incredibly kind and caring people. I’ve found that it is rare to find a place so honest and intimate, and at Aya Madre, I felt that I could open up and share any of my emotions without being judged... Aya Madre is truly a unique gem, and my time spent there was a deeply healing experience that I will always hold dear to me.


United States/South Korea

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Scott Davidson
June 2018

Check out full written testimonials at our page over at AYA ADVISORS.

Marije van lankveld
MAy 2018
Anavictoria alfonso
may 2018
Adele Yates,
April 2018
Ida Jorgensen,
March 2018
Tom Cresswell,
March 2018
Vanni Mangoni, 
February 2018
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