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FULL MOOn GATERING : Feminine Wisdom

Sisterhood and Sacred Plants Diets


Under the full moon light This is a life changing retreat: where you will discover the power of sisterhood and rely to elemental force. In this retreat we will focus on healing the divine femine and to embody your inner goddess strength.

This retreat will be lead by Maestra Estela as the main maestra ayahuasquera and  plant ceremony leader. She'll personally gives you your master plants diet and chant Icaro to you every ceremony.

And Héloïse Isayä, wich guide you into old  yogic tantric practice. This will help you to  heal and connect with your womb and flow in the element energy.

Master Plants Diet and Entheogenic Ceremony : 

Plant diet is the highest form of spiritual communion with plants spirit and sacred healing in Shipibo Tradition. The diet will help you in your journey of inner transformation and growth.

The Entheogens plant ceremony will transcend your vision and your being. you 'll can assist to 3 ceremony ; 2 ayahuasca y 1 huachuma.

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Womb healing and sisterhood :

We are the keeper of sacred feminine energy and we have to care of it. This retreat is an inner journey to find our self and fullfilled between sisters.


Well discover the power of sisterhood to let go, heal, learn, transcend. Under the moon ligt energy we could go deeper inside and embody our inner  power.

To connect and heal your feminine power you 'll learn ancient tantric vocal alchemy.

Elemental Magic and Full Moon : 

The full moon energy is related to goddess , it will light all the trauma of the feminine. With the help of the moon we are going to embody feminine strengh and wisdom. This retreat will be intense and full of rebirth possibility.

Each day we are going to explore, rely and harmonize an element of the creation inside us. Our tools will be yoga, flow, vocal alchimy, meditation and rituals



Cacao is such powerful and sweet medicine. This tree has the secret of unconditional love . He teaches us this incredible medicine by heart and soul opening


Cacao is bringing joy and helps to enter in a sweet trance state. It is an ally for resonate and dance on hypnotic rhythm. It will help us to let go in the flow and explore our danse of life and elements.


  • Zoom group preparation call 2H

  • 3 Plants ceremony with individual Icaro

  • 1 Personnal meeting with Maestra

  • plant teaching

  • 1 plants diet

  • 1 vapor bath

  • 1 uterine recapitulation meditation

  • Integration circle

  • 1 Sacred Fire ceremony

  • 1 Cacao ceremony

  • Meditation and Yoga class daily

  • Elements Trance Dance

  • individuel Integration session by ZOOM

What is not included
  • Flight to iquitos

  • transfert from airport to ayamadre

  • Kambo session

  • massage

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  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram
1340 USD
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