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The Center

Aya Madre is located an hour South from the international airport in Iquitos, Perú deep in the Amazon jungle, past the tiny village of Nueva Esperanza.


Situated on a beautiful, natural clearing, the environment of Aya Madre provides guests with mesmerizing white sand formations, mysterious patches of soft jungle moss, nature trails, and a nearby creek for swimming. The property contains approximately 22 acres of land, much of it pristine rain forest.

The rustic center is fairly remote and secluded, hosting twenty individual hut-like tambos, lodging for Maestra Estela's family, a kitchen, 2 large ceremonial malocas, a medicine house, a recreational field, three outdoor bathrooms and four outdoor showers.


Aya Madre's amenities are simple and not extravagant, however, we provide guests with all they need on our natural, campground-like space to manifest their souls' intentions. All tambos come with bed, mattress, sheets, pillow, bookshelf, candles, insect repellent incense, and mosquito nets. Internet access and cell phone reception are both very, very limited. We do our best to provide a wifi hotspot for emergency communication. (Arranging ahead of time with work, family, and friends, that communication will be limited or non-existent during one's time at the center is strongly advised.)

Come stay at Aya Madre and integrate yourself in a traditional, yet innovative healing community.

Our spaces

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