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Reservation Process

Deciding to come to Aya Madre is nothing short of a healing adventure in the heart of the Amazon jungle, so we want to make the logistics of your retreat as easy as possible. Below are the very basics for what happens between the moment you decide Aya Madre is the right healing center for you and stepping foot onto the Aya Madre grounds: 

  • Once you have decided you would like to come heal with us, please fill out a Reservation Form here. This provides your consent for participating at our center, places you into our scheduling system, and within a few days, a staff member will reach out to confirm your form has been received (if no response is sent from staff, please send an email here as the form may not have been delivered properly).  If any dates or details change on your form, don´t worry! We understand. If you have any questions about Aya Madre before you make your decision to come, you can also send us an email here. 

  • After receiving your Reservation Form, a staff member will discuss via email the details of your payment and arrival time, along with any other questions you might have about Ayahuasca, Aya Madre, etc. This includes any questions regarding volunteering, apprenticeship, groups, or customized retreats. To find out more about these opportunities, check our Extended Stays and Custom Retreats page.  

  • Once the total cost of your Aya Madre retreat has been confirmed, a deposit equal to half this amount will be requested within the following 10 days to secure your reservation and can be paid via bank to bank transfer (Payment). The remaining half of the total retreat cost will then be requested similarly before your arrival, or in cash when you arrive.

  • Once guests finalize their arrival times into Iquitos, we kindly ask that they send their details via email so we can prepare for a pick-up either from the Iquitos airport or a hostel in town. More information about pick-up can be found on our Arrival and Pick-Up page.

  • All guests are encouraged in the interim time before their retreat to start or continue any meditative, creative, grounding, energetic, etc. practices that they find to be beneficial in achieving well being. This work will be essential when working with all the plants here at Aya Madre including both Ayahuasca and all master plants in your dieta. You can read about more ways to prepare for your retreat on our Preparation page.

  • Once you arrive in Iquitos and are ready for pick-up, a staff member will meet you in Iquitos or at the airport to provide transportation to the center via an hour and a half mototaxi ride. A short 15 minute walk through our jungle community to our center winds up your journey here.

Please look at Arrival and Pick up for more information. 

Now explore the rest of our website to learn much more about Maestra Estela, the Shipibo Dietas, working with Ayahuasca, testimonials, and much more. We look forward to healing with you soon!.

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