upcoming Retreats

Our center accepts a minimum retreat of 1 week. The following dates are for 7 to 14 day retreats. They will all start all on the date listed. You have the choice of adding on days for extra ceremonies.
10 days includes 1 additional Aya or Shamburi Ceremony (4 total).
12 days includes 2 additional Aya or Shamburi Ceremonies (5 total).
14 days allows for an additional Aya, Shamburi, or San Pedro Ceremony on the ending Friday (6 in total).

Long term stays of a month or longer are being offered starting in July. Please email us directly at info@ayamadre.com to schedule your long term retreat. Please fill out a reservation form when you are ready to book.


December 11 - 25 


January 8 - 22


February 12 - 26