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Extended Stays and Custom Retreats

plant dietas

For guests who would like to go deeper with Shipibo plant medicine, monthly stays are available at the cost of $3,000 per month. Please let us know ahead of time if you would like to do an extended stay, as this will include a more sustained and intensive plant dieta.

Discount Retreats are available for groups of five guests or more. Please contact us if you are interested in these opportunities.

shipibo plant medicine apprenticeships

For potential apprentices, who are willing to commit to at least a one-year stay at the center, with strong Spanish-speaking skills. Apprentices will diet many master plants; learn how to heal through icaros, plant baths, steam baths and remedies; and may at the discretion of Maestra Estela begin the process of becoming an ayahuasquero. A prior familiarity with ayahuasca and other sacred plants is a must, and potential apprentices must first go through a three-month healing and learning period (at the cost of $3,000 per month) for Maestra Estela to determine if the guest is suitable for apprenticeship. All apprenticeship positions require guests to make a minimum contribution of $1500 USD following the 3 month trial period. Normally, we reassess after the 3 month trial period. Simply put, one will not find an equivalent experience anywhere else. Maestra Estela's ability, wisdom and generosity with healing and education are unmatched. The teachings and healings of Maestra are beyond material compensation, and yet, as a form of reciprocation and gratitude, we support her and her family and her growing center. 

Group Bookings

Aya Madre, led by the wonderful Maestra Estela, is an excellent retreat center to bring groups interested in experiencing plant medicine together whether they be women, men, teenagers, or the elderly. For groups between 5-8 guests, we provide a 10% discount off the full retreat cost for a one week or two week stay. For larger groups, please inquire about your needs and intentions and we will do our best to accommodate you.  



Please note that when volunteering options are available, it can greatly reduce your dieta and make it more challenging to focus on your healing. For patients with chronic conditions and serious spiritual afflictions, volunteering is not recommended.


It is important that our volunteers have experience with the medicine (ayahuasca). Currently, Maestra Estela is calling for women volunteers only


  1. Ceremonial space cleaning: Contribute to mantaining the positive energy and antmosphere of our center by ensuring that ceremonial spaces are clean and tidy.

  2. Cooking: If you are passionate about cooking and love preparing delicious, nutritious meals, we need you!

  3. Translation: Help us break down language barriers. If you speak english and spanish you are perfect for joining our team of translators.

  4. Support for center members: We seek attentive and empathetic individuals who are willing to look after and care for the other members of the center.

  5. Integration circles: Facilitate and promote connection and exchange among our center's members by organizing integration circles.

  6. Guidance and explanation of medicine usage: You will learn about medicines and can guide others in taking them appropriately, we want you to join our team.

As of Mid-November 2023 and January 2024, we are looking for volunteers.

Please message us for more information/pricing.

Volunteer with Casa de Ayahausca



Casa de Ayahuasca is a new healing center being created by the family of Maestra Estela’s. The center is operated by Maestro Guillermo Lopez Rodriguez, Maestro Juan Lopez Cauper and Maestra Reynalda Rodriguez and their family and is located on a neighboring property to Aya Madre. 


They are in need of volunteer help in a variety of capacities in order to get the center up and running. Current needs and skills are in web design and construction, although there is opportunity for anyone who is willing to help. This is a wonderful opportunity to be a part of establishing a Shipibo healing center that will help many people in the years to come and learn and immerse oneself in Shipibo culture and healing practices. 

A reduced rate is available to those who choose to come to Aya Madre yet we encourage volunteering with Casa de Ayahuasca. Spanish speaking skills are required. If you have any questions feel free to reach out to us at and make sure to mention your interest when you reserve your retreat with us.

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