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Below is the basic registration form to reserve a retreat with Aya Madre.

In addition to submitting the Google form please send an email to to confirm your stay

Some reminders:

  • Fees:

    • $120/day for all-inclusive weekly retreats​ (three-day minimum stay)

    • $3,000 per month for extended stays

    • Pick-up from Iquitos and drop-off additional 40 USD (150 soles) each way. To be paid to the driver.


Guest Agreement

By coming to Aya Madre, all guests agree to the following policies, guidelines and waivers:


  • Payment: Upon confirmation of guests' reservation, guest agrees to pay a 50% deposit within 10 days via PayPal to confirm their reservation. Guest agrees to pay the remaining 50% upon arrival or before arrival via PayPal, or via bank to bank transfer (details made available upon request).

  • Guest understands that no returns or refunds are available once payment has been made for any reason. Deposits can be used on a future visit with a year of booking if a cancelation needs to occur.

  • Guests voluntarily enter into a shamanic treatment with Maestra Estela, which may include a series of plant-based treatments including Ayahuasca, Shamubri, Huachuma, and other hallucinogenic plants.

  • Guest understands that Ayahuasca is legal in Perú and may not be legal in their country of origin.

  • No guests will be forced, coerced or pressured into taking Ayahuasca or any other treatment which they are not comfortable with.

  • Guest agrees to cease any supplemental treatment during their period of stay at Aya Madre, and follow Maestra Estela's recommended protocol to the best of their ability. This is essential to one's success in healing and must be adhered to.

  • Guest understands that Aya Madre makes no claim or guarantee of healing or curing, and guest releases Aya Madre from responsibility (legal and otherwise) of any and all adverse effects guest may experience.

  • It is the guests' responsibility to adequately research plant-based shamanic treatment, including Ayahuasca, and fully read and follow Aya Madre's Preparation and Medical Precautions pages.

  • Guest agrees to fully disclose any addictions, psychiatric diagnoses, communicable diseases, special needs and other relevant medical history. Please disclose all information in the google form in addition to Maestra Estela upon arrival.

  • All personal information that guest discloses to Aya Madre will be kept strictly confidential and will only be shared with relevant Aya Madre staff.

  • Guest agrees to honor and respect all Shipibo traditions introduced at Aya Madre and refrain from attempting to change or disparage these traditions when communicating with other guests.

  • Guest agrees that they arrive as a patient and a student. We do not come to Aya Madre to: Instruct Maestra Estela, to 'heal' or 'rescue' other patients or interfere in their process in anyway, nor to disrupt the center in any way. The staff at Aya Madre follow Maestra Estela's direction very strictly and they represent her in this way. Guest agrees to follow the instructions given by Aya Madre staff as they come from Maestra Estela. This is how the center runs: Under Maestra Estela's expert guidance. And as Maestra Estela always emphasizes, "The Plants are in charge."


Reservation Form

In addition to this form please email stating your desired dates to confirm your stay. Please do not purchase any flights until you receive confirmation!

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