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Payment Instructions

Once you have confirmed your stay with us via email ( you are welcome to complete the deposit of either half or the complete price of your stay. Maestra Estela accepts bank-to-bank transfers. Please be sure to complete the rest of your payment through bank-to-bank transfer at least 2 week before your arriving in the center. 

All money transferred goes directly to Maestra Estela and her family and does not go through a third party


Bank to Bank

Depending on your bank you may or may not need all the information provided below

  • Name of bank: Interbank

  • Country: Peru 


  • CCI: 00389801336916354042

  • Name of recipient: Estela Pangoza Sinacay 

  • Address: Carretera Iquitos Nauta km 22

  • DNI (national personal identifier in Peru): 06816629

  • Recipient phone number: +51 919 178 206 

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